Why It Is Important To Wear Your Favourite Hoodie At Least Once Per Week In The Winter

It doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, we can all agree that having owing a favourite hoodie is a great idea. Just even to feel that sensation and comfort that you get while wearing one, especially on a particularly cold day. 

Let’s take for example that you happen to take off your warm jacket indoors, only to still feel uncomfortable because the heater is only slightly turned up. Or, you decided to wear a jacket with less lining because the temperature were mild that day. If it begins to cool throughout the day, you will be glad that you wore your hoodie underneath, which will help to keep you warm. 

These are just some examples of why it is important to own a hoodie in the winter. Now let’s take a look at some outfits that are stylish which include a hoodie as the main garment.


A casual outfit in the winter should not be over complicated but simple yet stylish. Try wearing a black pair of jeans with with warm boots for footwear. Wear a grey hoodie for your top. You should wear either a parka or a warm bomber jacket for outerwear.

American Eagle Hoodie


Keep your casual winter hoodie outfit stylish by wearing a slightly oversized hoodie. You will feel extremely comfortable in this especially on those cooler days. Wear either a black or dark grey hoodie. Black jeans paired with beige boots and a dark coloured parka is all  that is needed to complete the outfit.

American Eagle Oversized Hoodie

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