Why Matching Colours In An Outfit Head To Toe Is Not As Bad As They Say For Women & Men

Why in the world would anyone do that, wear the completely same colour top to bottom? Well let’s see…Maybe they are going to an all white banquet event, or maybe a funeral with an all black outfit, or maybe it is just their favourite colour. Whatever the reason, there are some right and wrong ways to have a colour match outfit.

An old anecdote that has been around in the fashion world is a saying that one should only wear all white in the summer and try to dress with complimentary colours. Well that thinking has gone out the door in the last couple of years, thanks to Instagram personalities, any outfit style imaginable is now accepted as a creative piece.

Let’s take a look at how women and men can wear the same colour from head to toe and look stylish.



One of the most favourited outfits amongst women is the all black sports look. Specifically wearing black leggings with either a black blouse or some other type of black shirt. This is completely ok in all but for one season, and that is summer. 

Black Blouse H&M

A better style would be to embrace denim. Denim shorts paired with a denim jacket can work great during the cooler summer evenings, which can be complimented with an all black running shoes or leather sandals.

Denim Jacket H&M


Settings such as the office, a business meeting, and at formal events require people to dress formally. Keep in mind that this usually entails waring some sort of dress pants or a dress. Depending on the season, a lighter colour outfit should be worn in the warmer months and a darker colour outfit should be worn in the cooler months.

Black Linen Blazer H&M

For summer, try an earth tones as the choice colour. Your footwear should contrast a bit from the outfit but not throw it off.

Creme Dress Pants H&M



When it come to matching colours top to bottom, men tend to lean towards tracksuits. The tracksuit was extremely popular in the 1980s and many thought that the style would stay popular for decades. Now men can be seen wearing outfits such as all white in the summer and navy blue around the cooler months.

Champion Track Pants Tillys
Champion Hoodie Tillys

For summer why not try something different and fresh with colours such as greens, sky blue, and orange.

Dark Green Sleeveless Shirt H&M


We all know about the classic black two piece suit. While not entirely all black, because usually there is a white collared shirt underneath, this has been to go to outfit for most formal occasions that a man will attend. 

Navy Blue Blazer H&M

For a creative summer formal style, why not try either a cream or similar light brown shade blazer and chinos combination.

Slim Fit Chinos H&M


  • Try not be wear a colour matching outfit too often
  • Use your footwear selection to compliment the outfit
  • Be creative and wear colours that you have never worn

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