Why Men Don’t Need To Be Normal In Their Fashion Anymore And Instead Use Their Creativity To Create A Stylish Outfit

Men throughout the world have always been a bit more behind form women historically speaking, from ditching their classic outfits for something more creative. This is very true with they way how men dress for their job at the office. Typically, the attire that men tend to wear is mainly a two piece suit with a matching tie, which is usually black. Now don’t get it wrong, there is nothing wrong with a two piece suit, but the general consensus is that this is an outdated way to dress for the office. 

In this article we will discuss why men need to take back control of their outfits and use creativity and fashion sense to create the most stylish outfit possible. We will also share some useful tips that will aid in helping men understand the difference between classic style and something not too common. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Mixing Up Pants and Footwear Combinations

Gone are the days when men had to exclusively wear their denim jeans with a pair of black leather shoes. Yes, nowadays, men had embraced almost exclusively to wear their denim jeans with running shoes and in the winter, choose to wear their denim jeans with leather boots. This can also be said about other types of pants, such as joggers.

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When wearing joggers, the common theme is that you should only pair them with exclusively running shoes and nothing else. Well, ditch this mentality out f the door. You can absolutely wear your joggers with loafers to a pair of flip flops. The key is to wear them in a way that is both creative and makes sense fashionable. Hat is why we recommend to keep the colours seasonal if you are a bit conservative in your style.

No More Classic Shirts

Ditch those classic shirts that you have been clinging to for years now. There is a common consensus amongst men that these pieces are not needed as much now, and instead the focus is on uncommon shirts with one of a kind designs and less common colours. For example, you can easily switch out a white button down dress shirt for something more casual but stylish, such as a white henley long sleeve shirt.

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Another example, would be just to wear a t-shirt with all of your outfits and style from there. This is a good opportunity to use your creativity and fashion knowledge to create a stylish outfit. One example would be to layer a t-shirt under a sleeveless shirt, which would then be layered on underneath a vest.

Outerwear That Is Not Really Made As Outerwear

When wearing outerwear, no matter the season, men tend to stick with what they know will be accepted amongst their peers. This does not really mean that this is the best choice. Instead, men should think outside of the box and choose to wear a piece that can be worn like outerwear, such as a thick wool sweater or a twill button down shirt. Once you choose to wear your outerwear like this for a while, your confidence will increase and you will find that your creativity should be the key to your style.

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