Why Men Need To Have Tapered Joggers In Their Summer Wardrobe To Have As Part Of A Laid Back Outfit

Tapered joggers will always be the go to pants for many men especially on those days that are not too hot and there is minimal time to assemble a stylish outfit. But, should men really wear tapered joggers in the summer season? Why not? As you know, many outfits nowadays are extremely laid back and versatile which is more a sign of the times and a shift toward easy going outfits. Also, if there is going to be any one piece that is widely embraced amongst men, it will have to be tapered joggers.

In this article we will share some outfit ideas that can be created with tapered joggers and also, we will share some tips that can be remembered to help with your summer fashion. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When it comes to what the best type of shirts to wear with tapered joggers, one has to assume that it should be only a t-shirt. Well, this is wrong and actually there are a variety of different shirts that can be worn with tapered joggers. One shirt that is misunderstood is the Oxford shirt. Yes, we all know about wearing an Oxford shirt with denim jeans and chinos, but there is limited information when it comes to wearing tapered joggers with and Oxford shirt. This is very doable and precaution needs to be made with shirt colour selection.

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Wear an Oxford shirt that is a light colour such as white or sky blue and keep your tapered joggers dark. This will also look great with the addition of white running shoes or brown leather loafers. 

Tapered Joggers Colour

When wearing tapered joggers, colour selection should be of upmost importance and really should not be looked over. This is because if the wrong colour tapered joggers is chosen, your entire outfit will be completely off and can look unfashionable. One tip to remember is that, if you want to wear a light colour tapered joggers, keep our shirt dark and your footwear white running shoes. Dark coloured footwear should be worn with cropped joggers that are denim, beige, or white and can be paired with a light shirt.

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Wear footwear that is both stylish and comfortable with tapered joggers for the best overall outfit. One of the best shoes to wear will be a pair of all white running shoes, which will go well with just about any type of tapered joggers. For the evening, consider wearing a pair of brown leather loafers.

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