Why Men Should Consider Ditching The Blazer For A Cardigan Instead For Their Winter Office Style

Universally, men have accepted the office outfit that consists of a blazer and dress pants as the norm and should not be changed. Why is this so? Well, there are many reasons but the main one is that if workplace attire rules would be relaxed, employers fear that productivity or an appearance of professionalism would diminish. This is completely false.

The most innovative offices, which coincidentally are in the tech sector, have their dress rules as pretty much wear what you want but have common sense. Want to wear a t-shirt, sure just not with offensive writing on it. You get the point. So how does this relate to the standard blazer that is a staple in offices around the world?

Marino Wool Cardigan H&M

Easy, we are letting you know that if you want to be taken seriously in the fashion world, you need to be bold and step out of the box. Winter is te best time to do this, because layering and experimenting with different types of sweaters can be done subtly. This is to ensure that your office managers do not freak out when they see you in a very bright sweater for 1 week straight! 

Cardigan For Blazer

To start off with, keep your normal office attire the same except for the blazer. This means that yes, the classic derby shoes, dress pants, and tucked in white dress shirt and a tie. Depending on your dress pants colour, opt to wear either a black or dark grey cotton cardigan. This is meant to mimic a blazer, so button up the cardigan to keep a neat appearance.

Grey Wool Blend Cardigan H&M


You can technically switch out your blazer for a wool cardigan, but this would be pretty difficulty. Wool cardigans tend to keep the body heat in which will become uncomfortable in no time in a heated office environment. Also, wearing a zip up cardigan should be left for outside of the office.

Lambs Wool Cardigan H&M

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