Why Men Should Ditch The Black Or Red Tie And Wear Other Colours Instead

Standard office wear is usually a two piece suit with either a red or navy blue tie. Which is not that great considering that many men tend to not deviate far from their comfort zone when it comes to tie colour selection. Keep in mind that there is actually nothing stopping many men from wearing a colour tie that is not common except their fear of standing out.

Let’s put that lat statement another way to see how ridiculous this really is. Why not say that these men lack creativity in their outfit. Not all, but thats how corporate life is… Anyway, let’s take a look a some not so common tie colours that you can wear to the office to spruce up your outfit.

Dark Green Tie

This can be worn as part or a light grey suit outfit. You want to wear dark brown dress shoes with this tie to compliment your suit and tie. Also, a navy blue suit can go great with this colour tie as well.

Green Knitted Tie Topman

Dotted Tie

White dots or black dots look great on a tie. Some common styles include a white dotted navy blue tie and a dark blue dotted light blue tie. You want to keep your suit as neutral as possible, so a regular charcoal colour suit will work perfect.

Dotted Tie H&M

Striped Tie

Stick with a tie with no ore than three different stripe colours which is the ideal amount to showcase your creativity and not distract from the rest of your outfit. Common stripe patterns usually around strictly darker shades or strictly light shades. Burgundy, navy blue, and dark grey can be an example of a dark shade striped tie. And white, beige, and light purple can is an example of a light shade striped tie.

Striped Tie Topman

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