Why Men Should Only Wear White Socks When Playing A Sport

It is really easy to forget that your favourite white socks that are worn practically everyday should not be worn at all…except for sport activities. Why is that you say? There are many reasons that make sense and not just fashion sense but common sense as well. You don’t want to spend time perfecting your outfit only to get weird looks when your bright white socks are revealed, which obviously doesn’t go with your outfit, do you? 

Let’s be honest, can you really wear your favourite denim jeans and loafers while wearing white socks? Or maybe black chinos and stylish running shoes? These answers should all be a “No thank you.”

Casual Outfit

Ok so we got the point that white socks should all but be avoided but what. Type of socks should you wear then? For a casual denim outfit, opt to wear black cotton socks. This is to ensure that whatever colour your pants are, it will not be affected by your sock colour. Black socks are extremely versatile and should be worn more often than people think.

Selvedge Jeans H&M

Formal Outfit

Don’t be that guy who is in a tucked in dress shirt and dress pants outfit, only to be wearing white cotton socks in your dress shoes. Please, don’t do it. Instead you can wear any dark colour dress socks you like, especially dark grey, navy blue, and black.

Cotton Shirt H&M

Athletic Outfit

These types of outfits are well suited for white socks, especially if you are going to wear shorts or track pants.

Black Track Pants H&M

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