Why Men Should Wear Denim Jeans With Dress Shoes In The Fall Season

We all like to complain about our wardrobe and how we “do not have any clothes.” There are many reasons for this that are not particularly clear. Let’s get right into the main reason for this type of statement; Basically the clothing that you are looking at in your wardrobe cannot be considered to create a versatile fall outfit.

This is where this article will come in handy. You will learn about why wearing denim jeans with dress shoes can really be your go to versatile fall outfit. We will talk about the best practices when wearing this outfit and also different styles that can be achieved while wearing denim jeans and dress shoes. Let’s take a look.


You need to first establish where you will be going that day. For example, let’s say that you will be heading to a doctor’s office in the morning but later on you will be at a casual business meeting in a coffee shop. This is the perfect day to wear your denim jeans and dress shoes outfit.

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You do not want to leave your residence wearing black dress shoes with your outfit. Black dress shoes are more formal and should be worn in the evening when wearing them with denim jeans. Instead, it is recommended to wear either  dark or light  brown dress shoes with your denim jeans.  

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In this example, we mentioned that you will be going to a meeting later in a cafe. To create a more business like outfit, wear a navy blue of light grey blazer with your denim jeans and dress shoes. This will complete your outfit, which is extremely versatile and will work well throughout the day.

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Best Practices

It is important to not forget that you are going to be wearing two different items that do not particularly compliment each other. You have to make sure to keep your outfit simple and sharp. As such, wearing the right type of jeans is important as well as wearing the right colour dress shoes

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  • Brown dress shoes will best with denim jeans
  • Slim denim jeans look best with dress shoes
  • Keep your dress shoes clean, use a leather shoe cleaner
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