Why Men Should Wear Their Long Sleeve Shirt Rolled Up In The Fall For A More Stylish Look

Many men tend to think that when wearing a long sleeve shirt, they should leave the sleeves as be and wear some type of dark pants to complete the outfit. Tis is not exactly wrong, but there are always alternative ways how you can wear a long sleeve shirt. When a long sleeve shirt, such as a cotton collar shirt, is rolled up, there is a sense of more style and also a bit of cool vibes. As supposed to wearing the same shirt in a plain and boring fashion, we will show men exactly how to master the rolled up sleeve look.

Also, in this article we will share some great outfit ideas that can be created when wearing a rolled up long sleeve shirt in the fall. Ok, let’a take a look.

With A Sweater

Who would have known, but wearing a sweater with the sleeves rolled up is a good idea, especially in the fall months. There are many reasons for this but mainly we are talking about comfortability and practicality. This is because in the fall the weather can be a bit unpredictable with chilly mornings and warm afternoons all in the same day. In order to not have to haul around a jacket all day you can easily just wear a long sleeve sweater regularly in the morning and then roll the sleeve up in the afternoon when the temperature gets a bit warmer.

We recommend to not wear a sweater that is too bulky and heavy, as this will create a bit of difficulty when rolling up the sleeves. Instead, opt to wear a simple and lightweight sweater such as a dark colour turtleneck or a plain cotton crew neck sweater.

With A Button Down Shirt

Yes, there is one classic example of wearing a long sleeve shirt rolled up that many men recognize and it is going to be the button down shirt. Usually we seen men in the summer months rolling up their sleeves in the office to get a bit of cool air on their skin. But what about wearing a button down long sleeve shirt as part of a casual fall outfit? There are some critical tips that need to be remembered when attempting to pull this look off.

First of all, only wear a long sleeve button down shirt with either chinos or denim jeans. Track pants or short will not work with this type of style simply for the fact that the outfit will be a bit confusing. Dark colour pants will always go great with either a light or dark colour long sleeve button down shirt. Forget about wearing light pants either as this will not look well in the fall season.

How To Roll Up A Long Sleeve Shirt

The best way how men can wear their rolled up long sleeve shirt will be to only roll the shirt up right below their elbow. Because we are talking about fall style, there is absolutely no point of rolling up your long sleeve shirt above the elbows as this will create a t-shirt look and we do not want this for the fall. Leave that for the warm summer months. Also, a great tip to remember is that if your long sleeve shirt is a light colour, keep your pants dark.

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