Why The Tote Bag Has Become A Must Have Summer Fashion Accessory

There is no disputing the versatility and simplicity of a tote bag. Either it be large or small, a tote bag is a simple accessory that looks great with any outfit especially in the warm summer months. Large tote bags are well known to many women who are always on the go and carry lots of items with them through the day. But the small tote bag does not get the much desired attention it deserves.

Undoubtedly, summer is a time to wear lighter fabrics and show your skin a little. Denim shorts, mini skirts, and halter tops are favourites this time of the year, which can go well with a small tote bag. But how can you keep your summer outfits simple yet chic with the addition of a small tote bag? And how can carrying a large tote bag instantly boosts your commute confidence and look.

Two-Toned Leather Tote Bag Net-A-Porter

Let’s take a look.

Small Tote Bag

Brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton have designed many famous small tote bags that are extremely chic. Summer outfits are great for these type of tote bags as people tend to carry less items in their purse and don’t want to get weighed down. A great casual summer outfit to wear with this bag should consist of either a mini skirt or a maxi dress. Pair this with flat or wedge sandals and an off-shoulder top. Earrings should be medium as to not distract from your small tote bag.

Balenciaga Small Tote Bag Net-A-Porter

Large Tote Bag

Commuting to work is often long and even longer commuting from work especially if your main mode of travel is public transportation. iWhy not carry a large tote bag that can fit all of your items that you carry to work and have a bit more extra space left over to grab something on the way home from the store.

Large Tote Bag Net-A-Porter

Dress pants paired with a tucked in button down collar shirt is a great look to wear while carrying a large tote to and from work. Wear suede pumps as footwear and small to medium accessories to complete the look.


  • Make sure the colour of your tote bag is suitable for your outfit
  • Large tote bags should not be overfilled unless it is made out of quality material
  • Avoid carrying a tote bag with any other similar bag together

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