Why Wearing A Brown Leather Jacket Is Perfect For The Fall Season

Leather jackets have been popular since the 1980s, especially the motorcycle letter jacket. Who doesn’t like the feeling of being part of an outlaw motorcycle gang or to be known as a rebel to society? That’s exactly what drew many people to the leather jacket, because thats what popular culture displayed with mediums such as movies and music.

But in this article we will not be talking about the rebellious nature of the leather motorcycle jacket but the fashionable brown leather jacket. This type of jacket car really make an outfit shine in the fall if corresponding pieces are chosen. Let’s take a look at some outfits for women and men.


You can either wear a brown leather jacket as part of a casual fall outfit or part of a stylish evening wear. For a casual outfit, black jeans will work well with this jacket as well as black leather boots. Your top should be either a light sweater or a light colour button down.

Balenciaga Shearling Leather Jacket Net-A-Porter

For an evening out in the fall, pair a brown leather jacket with either black leggings or dark wash denim jeans. Footwear can be either black leather ankle boots or suede pumps. Your can expertly layer your brown leather jacket over a cashmere sweater with a light cardigan.


Sometimes a casual fall outfit needs that last piece to complete the look. This is where you the brown leather jacket will come in. You can wear a brown leather jacket with denim jeans or chinos. Depending on your shirt underneath, it might be more practical to leave the jacket unbuttoned a to not overheat.

Brown Shearling Leather Jacket Topman

A cashmere sweater, button down shirt, and a t-shirt are all pieces hat go well paired with a brown leather jacket. Footwear should be loafers or desert boots.

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