Why Wearing White Running Shoes In The Fall Will Set Your Outfit Apart From The Rest

When thinking about a fall outfit, rarely does the topic of white running shoes come up. Undoubtedly, wearing white running shoes, especially in a fall outfit is somewhat difficult to achieve because there is not much inspiration amongst the fashion scene in promoting and marketing this type of combination. 

Well, in this article we are going to be discussing just that, wearing white running shoes as part of your next fall outfit. Let’s take a look.


Midi Dress

Consider wearing a dark colour midi dress in the fall season with white running shoes. You can pull off this look effortlessly with the addition of some key accessories such as a beige handbag and medium size earrings. Try this outfit for a cool casual early fall outfit.

Midi Dress H&M


Who said that you can’t wear running shoes with a blazer? Yes, you can, actually it has been trendy for the last couple of years to wear running shoes with a blazer. Slim black jeans will go great with a navy blue blazer. Wear either a beige cashmere sweater or a black t-shirt underneath to complete this outfit.

Blazer H&M

Trench Coat

Whoever is in the know in regard to fashion has definitely seen this style on the street. Many women are pairing their long trench coat with clean white running shoes. You can wear black leggings, denim jeans , or black jeans with this outfit. A simple plain sweater underneath your trench coat is all you need to complete this outfit.

Trench Coat H&M



Wearing beige chinos will work best with white running shoes. A great chinos outfit in the fall will consist of a dark colour sweater such as cashmere or a simple cotton sweater. Also, opt to wear a light wind breaker in case the weather begins to get wet.

Chinos H&M


One of the best casual pieces that you can own in the fall is a cotton hoodie. This garment is extremely comfortable and can be a great base for any casual fall outfit. Denim jeans, joggers, and chinos will go well with a hoodie and white running shoes outfit.

Hoodie H&M


Wear your dark colour blazer and white running shoes as part of a fall casual outfit. Slim pants such as chinos or black jeans go great with a dark colour blazer and white running shoes. For the top, wearing a plain black or white t-shirt can be great if your goal is to achieve a minimalist look.

Blazer H&M

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