Why Woman Should Wear Combat Boots For More Than Just Style But As A Confidence Booster Too

Every so often we can become bored of our outfits and general sense of fashion. Times like this should be when you think outside of the box and wear something that is in your face and will do great to boost your confidence. Yes, we are talking about wearing combat boots. There are a small amount of fashion pieces in fashion can bring you that very high confidence boost as combat boots can.

In this article we will discuss the best times to wear combat boots in, also some great outfits that can be created with the addition of combat boots to your outfit. Let’s take a look.


When it comes to seasons, summer is about the only time of the year that wearing combat boots are not recommended. This should be take seriously, your feet will get extremely hot and also the warm weather will not make your feet any more comfortable. 

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Instead stick primarily to wearing your combat boots from mid fall to the beginning of spring. In the fall is when long coats look great with combat boots and closer to the spring, sweaters and rain jackets will look great.


Denim Jeans

Skinny denim jeans pair well with combat boots in the fall and winter months. You can wear a long coat such as a trench coat or a bomber jacket to add to your outfit. Also, accessories should be kept medium size.

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Combat boots and leggings have become the go to style that many women wear in the fall and winter months. This outfit is both comfortable and stylish, especially if paired with a scarf and stylish handbag.

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Leather Jacket

This bad ass outfit that will surely boost your confidence. Wear black combat boots paired with a black leather jacket. Black jeans and a white graphic t-shirt is all that is needed to complete this outfit. Accessories should be kept to a minimal.

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