Why Women Should Always Wear A Basic Top With Their Denim Jeans In The Fall For An Easy Outfit

There will always be those women who enjoy to put on a great fitting pair of jeans in the fall as part of their outfit. Some things are just that simple in life and there can’t be a compromise to the feeling that you get when wearing denim jeans. Not what exactly should be worn as an accompanying top? Well, the choices are really up to you, with choosing a shirt that is one of a kind and unique or something that is basic and easy going.

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can pair their denim jeans with a basic top fo a fresh and easy going outfit. Also, we will share some outfit ideas and some tips that women can implement in their quest to create the best fall denim jeans outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Denim Jeans With A Turtleneck Top

Wearing a short or long tucked in turtleneck top in the fall is a great choice to make. Simply put, there is a sense of being fashion conscious and your outfit will definitely look chic when wearing a turtleneck top. The best type of denim jeans to wear with preferably a dark colour turtleneck top will be mom jeans. Keep your footwear stylish with a pair of black leather ankle boots and your accessories medium size.

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Denim Jeans With A Sweatshirt

The simplicity of wearing a sweatshirt is what will make your denim jeans look its best. Think of it as a sort of blank canvass, that can be dressed up or dressed down according to your taste. Another thing about wearing a sweatshirt paired with denim jeans in the fall is that your sweatshirt colour selection does not have to be confined to one shade and actually light and exotic colours are seen as an outfit boosted in the fall season. Skinny denim jeans will work great with an oversized sweatshirt. Your footwear should be a pair of black running shoes.

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Denim Jeans With A Ribbed Shirt

Keeping with the basic top theme, we wanted to include the humble ribbed shirt. This is the shirt that many women will wear on those days that they do not want to dress up much but still have a sense of style. Wear your ribbed shirt in seasonal colours such as light grey or black and pair it with black mom jeans. Your footwear can vary with this outfit, but opt for either a brown, black, or beige colour shoes.

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Denim Jeans With A Fine Knit Cardigan

There are a variety of different cardigans that women can wear in the fall season and pair with denim jeans for a stylish outfit. But for this article we wanted to talk about wearing a fine knit cardigan above all other types of cardigans. The reason why we like the concept of wearing this type of cardigan with specifically skinny denim jeans is that your accessories will become your focal point in this outfit. 

Fine Knit Cardigan H&M

There are not many shirts that can be worn where your accessories will stand out, but a fine knit cardigan is one of them. Wear your cardigan in soft colours such as light pink, beige, and white. Your denim jeans should be high waisted and not too tight. While you should wear fashionable ankle boots as your preferred footwear.

Denim Jeans With A Ribbed Jersey Top

This is going to be one of your go to denim jeans and basic top outfit combinations in the fall. Wear a ribbed jersey top with either mom denim jeans or skinny denim jeans. Your footwear should be black leather ankle boots and your accessories should be medium size.

Ribbed Jersey Top H&M

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