Why Women Should Not Forget These 5 Rules To Follow When Creating An Outfit On A Mild Winter Day

The winter months are generally the coldest part of the year, which can be well below freezing temperatures and brutal snow storms. So understandably, you are going to be bundled up wearing anything from two socks to a thick parks and anything in between. But how exactly are you going to dress when the weather is remarkably warmer?

This is the question that will be asked by laying out the top 5 rules that should be followed when dressing for these type of days. In this article we will be discussing those 5 rules plus we will mention some great mild winter outfits that women can try. Ok, let’s take a look.

Ribbed Turtleneck H&M

Keep Wearing Dark Colours

Just because the weather is a bit mild it doesn’t mean to completely ditch the dark winter clothing for right colours. This is a huge mistake that lots of people make when the weather temporarily changes from cold to warm, which can be detrimental to your style. You want to keep on wearing that black sweater, the main difference will be that you will not be wearing a thick layer of outerwear on top of it.

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Footwear Options Can Expand A Bit

Well, by a bit, we mean that you can now wear more running shoes styles and colours and also the addition of wearing flats can be an option. Other than that, the same regular cold winter weather rules apply, so no sandals. Boots are still the number one footwear option in the winter.

Pointed Flats H&M

Ditch The Accessories

A mild winter day is the perfect time to ditch your scarf, hat, and gloves. Even if the morning is a bit chilly, we are pretty sure that you would want your hands to get some sunlight at least once this season, so be gloves free this day. Also, downsize your handbag to now carry a small size shoulder bag.

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Outerwear Should Be Non Existent

We don’t necessarily means non existent if the mornings are very chilly, the yes, wear outerwear. But for the rest of the day, ditch the outerwear and embrace to mild weather without being bundled up. Carry a cardigan with you incase the temperatures suddenly drop.

Ribbed Cardigan H&M

Switch Your Dress For A Short Skirt

Now is the time when you can take out that short dress you were saving to wear in the spring. Remember that the temperatures are not summer like, so it is advised to wear tights underneath. A skirt and sweater combination will work well with ankle boots.

Textured Skirt H&M


  • Wearing just a t-shirt will not be a good idea unless the weather is above 20 degrees Celsius
  • Layering is not recommended on a mild winter day
  • Keep a warm jacket or coat nearby incase the temperature suddenly drops
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