Why Women Should Not Overdress In Their Casual Fall Outfits

There is absolutely no point on overdressing any time, especially in regard to casual fall outfits. The fall season is one of the best times of the year to take out all of those pieces that have been in your closet for months. Finally, it’s time to wear outerwear and layering is all in. Slow down there with the enthusiasm and focus on select foundation pieces then style around that.

What we are talking about is in particular about casual fall outfits, there is a certain lack of judgement when it come to layering and colour selection. Also, accessories tend to be overused in many woman’e fall outfits. Let’s take a look at some solutions and outfit ideas.

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No one said that layering is bad, but it has to be done correctly to not look overdressed in your casual fall outfit. The word in the fashion industry is that layering should be done with a maximum of three pieces. So to keep with that philosophy, a great example would layering an overcoat over a blazer, over a button down shirt. 

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Now this does not mean to layer everyday, but just be careful with what pieces you decide to layer. Cotton on cotton is ok but cotton layered with a wool sweater might not be all to comfortable.


There should be a constant reminder to some people that always wearing pumps with casual fall outfits is not a good look. Sure, sometimes you will be heading out to an evening restaurant dinner of maybe you are feeling great about yourself. But wearing pumps to say a trip to the grocery store or for a walk in the city is a sure sign of being overdressed.

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Ankle boots, flats, and an all white running shoes are some of the foundation footwear that many women will wear with their fall outfits. Pumps and high heel boots should be worn sparingly in a casual fall outfit.


Over accessorizing is a major problem in the fall season. One reason for this might be the enthusiasm to finally bring out the scarfs, stylish handbags, and fancy jewellery. Avoid this mistake by asking yourself if it is completely practical or necessary to wear a certain accessory with your casual fall outfit.

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Meaning that if you are just going to be going out the the store, is it really necessary to wear a large diamond incrusted necklace and carry a designer handbag? Maybe not! Wear accessories to match the type of environment that you will be in for the day.

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