Why Women Should Only Carry A Dark Colour Handbag In The Fall Season

While a case can be made for carrying an assortment of colours as your handbag in the fall, there really is no point on doing that ad plus, dark colour accessories look better in the fall. Additionally, when wearing an outfit in the fall season, the colours you have on will be seasonal and a dark handbag will always go well with those colours. 

In this article we will be discussing that and also we will discuss what are the best types of outfits that can be crated with the addition of a medium size dark colour handbag.

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With A Navy Blue Handbag

Carrying a navy blue handbag is a great choice, but there will be some difficulties in deciding the direction you want your outfit to go. First of all, there can be said that navy blue will go well neutral colours. This is correct, while you do not want your entire outfit to be neural colours you definitely want at least one piece. That is why we recommend to wear either a beige or black sweater or turtleneck paired with black pants when carrying a navy blue handbag.

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Black Handbag

Almost similar in colour to a navy blue handbag, the black handbag will be your number one go to accessory throughout the fall. This is simply because you can’t go wrong with the options that you get when carrying a black handbag. You do not really have to worry about the type of outfit that you will be wearing and also, you can easily dress up or down and your handbag will still go with your outfit. Be sure that your handbag is not large and also not too small. We recommend to carry a medium size black handbag for most of your fall outfits.

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Grey Handbag

Ok, so we want to talk about carrying a grey handbag in the fall season. This will definitely be the trickiest in terms of what to wear while carrying this bag. In order to pull this off, your outfit should feature some accepted complimenting colours. You can easily wear white, navy blue, black, and brown when carrying a grey handbag without any problems. One tip to remember is that your grey handbag can be in between small and medium and should be leather a better look.

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Dark Green Handbag

Dark green is a seasonal colour in the fall and is great when being worn as well. We want to talk about carrying a dark green handbag though, which can be any size you prefer. This is because when most women look at a dark green handbag they usually find them in a large size, such as a tote bag. This is ok to carry as long as your outfit is casual and you do not have any other accessories on such as earrings or a bracelet.

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