Why Women Should Pack These Fashion Items In Your Carry On Travelling This Fall Season

Being on vacation is one of the best feelings in the world. You finally get to relax and forget about your hectic life back homes. No more waking up early to get into work, no more driving in traffic for hours, and the best part of all…you get a chance to finally wear the clothes you’ve been saving in your wardrobe all year long. 

Packing your suitcase is pretty straight forward, with your packed clothes mainly reflecting your destination’s climate. But what should be in your all important carry on? We will take a look and discuss the essential fashion items that women should pack in their cary on luggage for their next fall vacation.


Carrying a light jacket is essential to ensure that you are not caught in a sudden rainstorm and also to protect yourself from cooler than usual temperatures. A light bomber jacket is easily packed in a carry on luggage and can be versatile with a variety of outfits.

Bomber Jacket H&M

Running Shoes

Pack an extra pair of running shoes on your cary on luggage just in case you need to switch out your footwear to something more comfortable. A pair of Nike running shoes are well suited to look good with a variety of outfits.

Nike Air Force 1

Cotton Sweater

Packing a cotton sweater in a carry on luggage makes sense due to the fact that the flight temperature can sometimes get a bit chilli and a warmer garment is needed. A versatile colour such as grey or black will work best.

Cotton Sweater H&M


Pack a pair of black leggings in your carry on luggage if you will be changing flights. You can always change when your flight makes a transit stop at the airport lounge or bathroom.

Black Leggings H&M

Track Pants

Men should really consider packing a comfortable pair of track pants in their carry on luggage due to the simple fact that these pants can be extremely comfortable. Tip: Make sure that the track pants material is not thick as you might quickly become uncomfortable.

Cashmere Joggers H&M

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