Why Women Should Try To Stick To Wearing Basics When It Is Cold And Raining Outside For A Hassle Free Style

There is nothing more annoying than getting ready in the morning and heading out only to find that the weather will not cooperate with your preferred outfit. This really means that you are forced to make that dreaded decision of choosing between your current outfit or going back inside to wear something else. This is ok, but if you think that it is a good idea to wear an intricate piece, you should think again. 

In this article we will be discussing the best ways how women can dress for this type of weather and look great. What we will focus on is a popular idea amongst fashion experts that say that women should simply stick to wearing basics when the weather is wet. Also, we will share some useful tips that will help in your fashion and style journey. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When it comes to the preferred outerwear that many women choose to wear, most simply stick to wearing either any type of jacket with a hood attached or simply wear a rain jacket with multiple layers underneath. This is the complete wrong way to go about this, and careful consideration need to be payed to what actually you want your overall outfit to look like. That is why we recommend to sick with a basic windbreaker and wear a warm sweater underneath. This can be a great addition to any rainy weather outfit.

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Let’s say this from now, that wearing a pair of denim jeans will not be in your best interest when it comes to wet weather. Really, who in their right mind would want to walk around with wet jeans? Nobody, that’s who! Ok, so now let’s tale about what type of pants are recommended to wear in the rain. For starters, women can easily wear good quality leggings, which will look great and dry quickly. Or, women can opt to just keep it simple with a pair of joggers. Just make sure that your joggers are a dark colour.

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There is going o be a lot of debate about the best type of footwear to put on in rainy weather, but we think these shoes will be best. Try wearing either a dark pair of running shoes or ankle boots. Yes, these are your only two options and will look great with whatever you want to wear.

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Because the weather will be cold and rainy, there is really not an option to wear anything unseasonal. That is why we recommend to wear a long sleeve shirt, preferably one that will keep you adequately warm and that is stylish as well. Some popular pieces include a turtleneck sweater, plain cotton crew neck sweater, and a cotton cardigan.

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  • Layering is important in rainy weather
  • Keep your footwear a dark colour
  • Make sure that your accessories are minimal
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