Why Women Should Wear A Denim Skirt In The Fall Season For A Stylish Look

Wearing a denim skirt is a popular option for the summer season, but not so popular when it comes to the cooler fall months. There is no reason for this, and actually women should know that the only season which wearing a denim skirt is frowned upon will have to generally be the winter months. Which is reasonable, because of the extreme cold weather in some parts of the world around that time it is not really advisable to wear a denim skirt then.

In this article we will specifically be talking about wearing a denim skirt in the fall months and how women can benefit from wearing one. Also, we will share some outfit ideas and tips that can be followed or used as reference which will enhance your fall style. Ok, let’s take a look.

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Long Denim Skirt 

One of the best ways how women can wear a long denim skirt is to pair it with a collar shirt or a blouse. This will look great when paired with a trench coat as outerwear. The best type of collar shirt to wear will have to be the cotton type, typically in a light colour such as white or cream. For your blouse, you can easily choose whatever colour you desire, just make sure to avoid any bright colours such as neon or bright orange.

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The best type of footwear to pair with a long denim skirt will have to be flat. So wear shoes such as dark colour running shoes, brown leather loafers, or black flats. Carry a medium size handbag with medium size accessories, this will only enhance your outfit.

Short Denim Skirt

The dynamics are a bit different when wearing a short denim skirt in the fall season and precautions need to be made well in advance to assure a good look. What we are really saying is that make sure that you are comfortable wearing a short skirt in the cold weather and that you are adequately warm. That is why we recommend to wear a short denim skirt with a pair of stocking and also leather ankle boots to start with. If your legs are really cold, you can switch out the stockings for a pair or black or grey leggings.

Short Denim Skirt H&M

Your shirt can be much more casual that when you are wearing a long denim skirt mainly because the emphasis should be on your accessories instead. We recommend to wear tops such as a turtleneck sweater, hoodie, and a dark colour cardigan layered over a plain long sleeve shirt. Keep your accessories unique and one of a kind to make your outfit stand out.


  • Wash your denim skirt in cool water and do not dry on high
  • Wear seasonal colours with a denim skirt such as green, brown, and grey
  • Many types of outerwear will be suitable to wear with a denim jacket, just make sure that you do not wear something too long while wearing a short denim skirt.
Short Denim Skirt H&M

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