Why Women Should Wear Corduroy Pants In The Winter For A Unique And Stylish Outfit

How many times have you seen someone wear corduroy pants in the last three months? Probably not as much as you should, which is a shame, because there are so many great outfits that can be created by incorporating a pair of corduroy pants. Because of the scarcity of seeing another woman wear corduroy pants, there tends to be a lot of misconceptions and general hesitation to give a pair a try. This should not be so and in this article we will share with women the best ways how they can wear these misunderstood pants in their winter outfit.

Also, we will share some great outfit combinations and useful tips that will ensure that your corduroy pants look their best in your winter outfit. Ok, let’s take a look.

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When To Wear Corduroy Pants

The best type of corduroy pants will be the one that is not too loose and not too tight. Meaning that you want to keep your corduroy pants a somewhat relaxed fit and more on the chic casual side. Good thing for us, because most retailers know this as well and the majority of their corduroy pants for sale are a slightly more relaxed fit.

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Ok, let’s first start off by talking about the best type of winter outerwear to pair with your corduroy pants. We have to make sure that the outfit colours are not too similar and can be easily complimented with a pair of dark colour boots. The best choice to make is to wear either a dark long wool coat or you can wear a beige long jacket, it really depends on your corduroy pants colour and if you want to create a casual outfit.

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When it comes to what type of top to wear with corduroy pants, you first need to figure out if you will creating a casual outfit or something fore formal. If it is the latter, refrain from wearing simple, casual pieces such as a hoodie and instead opt to wear either a cashmere sweater or cardigan. A good in versatile tops to wear would be a tucked in black turtleneck paired with light brown corduroy pants.

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Some of the best type of shoes to wear with your corduroy pants will be very seasonal and can be dressed up or down. For example, the easiest way how to create a chic casual outfit while wearing corduroy pants is to wear a pair of black ankle boots. Depending on your personal style, you should opt for the more rugged looking boots to create some contrast in your outfit.

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  • Was corduroy pants in warm water and dry on low heat
  • Dark colour corduroy pants are great for evening war
  • Wear earth tones with light colour corduroy pants
Corduroy Pants H&M

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