Why Women Should Wear These 3 Basic Casual Outfits In The Fall Season

Fall is the season that fashion lover wait for all year because that means you can layer, which is what fashion is all about right? Haha, but really layering is great and if done correctly, can be the difference between looking extremely stylish or just weird. There are three basic casual outfits that we are going to talk about today which mainly incorporates layering and are suitable to wear throughout the entire season.

Let’s take a look.


A cardigan can be worn on its own  depending on the outside temperature and the type of cardigan you are planning to wear. For this outfit we will chose to wear a cotton black button down cardigan. Now we will be wearing a light canvass jacket on top of this cardigan so it is important to keep your shirt light. As such we will chose to layer the cardigan over a plain white t-shirt. Pants will be back jeans and ankle boots will be worn as footwear.

Cardigan H&M


Wearing black leggings in the fall is a common sight, especially in North America. We will wear a warm oversized wool sweater as a top. Accessories should be small sized as not to take attention away from your outfit. Keep your footwear comfortable by wearing an all black running shoes.

Leggings Net-A-Porter

Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are great to wear in the fall season because they can go well with a different variety of pants. As such we want to wear skinny black jeans in this outfit. Wearing a denim top and bottom can be tricky to pull off so we will wear a light colour denim jacket for a contrast of colour. Underneath the denim jacket should be a light long sleeve shirt. Footwear can be either ankle boots or an all black running shoes.

Denim Jacket H&M

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