Why Women Should Wear Winter Outerwear Other Than The Colour Black To Create An Extremely Versatile Outfit

We all know about those black parkas or wool coats in the winter months, but there is a case to be made that we should begin to experiment with wearing light colours in our winter outerwear. Typically we associate wearing a brighter colour outerwear in the winter with having bad taste, as this is not the norm. But let us be the first to actually recommend people to think out of the box and use some creativity in their winter outerwear fashion.

In this article we will be discussing how you can wear non typical winter outerwear colours to create a versatile and unique outfit. Let’s take a look.


There are actually manufacturers that create parkas that are not your typical colour. These type of cool coloured parkas will go well with casual wear. Think of an outfit such as skinny denim jeans and black ankle boots. The black footwear is recommended because black shoes can go well with just about anything.

Hooded Parka H&M

Wool Coat

A great type of outerwear to wear to the office in the winter months would be a cream colour wool coat. You can compliment this outerwear with the addition of navy blue wool pants paired with a tucked in blouse and leather pumps. Your accessories should be small.

Wool Blend Coat H&M

Fur Coat

While its popularity has been down the last couple of years, those who enjoy wearing a fur coat in the winter months should opt for faux fur that is white or a cream colour. Wear this outerwear with black leggings tucked into wool socks and black leather boots. You can wear a crew neck cotton sweater as a top.

Faux Fur Coat H&M

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