Winter Night Out Fashion Guide For Women Who Want To Look Stylish While Keeping Warm

We all know the typical outfits that will be seen on a night out in the summer months, that being mini skirts, dresses, and the occasional pair of shorts. But what about the in the cold winter months? This is a common challenge for many women especially because their summer night outfits will not be sufficient to keep them warm. Of course there are the brave should who will still show up with their girlfriends wearing a short black dress in -10C weather.

This guide is for women who like to enjoy a night out with friends in the winter months who have a difficult time creating the perfect outfit that will keep them warm and look stylish. We will be discussing some outfit ideas to try and also some time to remember when dressing for the winter night. Ok, let’s take a look.

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The topic of outerwear is completely non existent amongst party goers in the warmer months of the year, but in the winter months, you need to have some sort of protection from the elements. Now, you could always wear your daily parka that you wear with both casual and business outfits, or you can be more fashion forward and wear something more appropriate. We recommend to wear a black or navy blue wool coat in your winter night outfit, which will provide warmth, comfortability, and is incredibly stylish.

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Wearing any type of sandals will definitely be a no go unless you want to have a severe case of frost bite on your toes. Instead, you will mainly be choosing from different type of leather boots or wearing pumps. We recommend to wear a stylish pair of black ankle boots with a slight heel which will go great with a dress or pants.

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First of all, if you plan on wearing a dress, you are going to have to wear tights underneath. Because the winter months are generally cold you should avoid wearing any type of dress that is sheer and easily lets the cold air through. Colours such as black, navy blue, and beige are popular for a winter night out dress.

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We can’t talk about going out fashion without mentioning the skirt, specifically a mini skirt. There will always be those who choose to never wear tights underneath a mini skirt, but we would have to recommend to wear one especially in the cold weather. Wear a black mini skirt if you will be wearing any type of thick sweater, as this will look extremely stylish.

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Who need to wear pants when going for a night out with friends? Ok, now we know how much people hate to wear any type of pants when going out in the night but remember that we are talking about the cold winter months. That is why we recommend to keep it simple and stylish by wearing skinny black jeans and pair this with ankle boots

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There are numerous types of shirts that you can wear that are stylish and will keep you warm on your winter night out. Our top three picks we recommend to wear are a fine knit sweater, turtleneck sweater, and a black cardigan. These three types of sweater will go great with black jeans or a black skirt.

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Jewellery should be kept to a minimal and should only be a necklace and a pair of earrings. We recommend to wear gold or silver for a more stylish look. Your handbag should be small in size so that it does not get in your way when you are dancing. Wearing a wristlet is recommended.

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Note: we do not recommend to wear a blazer or hat as we fell this will not compliment any winter night outfit.

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