The Top 5 Pieces That Women Need In Their Spring Fashion Kit

The spring season is a tricky time of the year. Cooler mornings and evenings, but a rather mild daytime. So how can one possibly dress to be able to adapt to the changing temperatures? This guide was created with that challenge in mind plus there are some tips to remember when dealing with particularly extreme temperatures, such as the odd near zero degrees Celsius temperatures.

Let’s take a look at some pieces that can make the spring months that much more enjoyable.

The Raincoat

This is an absolute must, especially for the month of April. You would be surprised at the amount of rain in this month, particularly in regions that are known to get significant rainfall at this period. You can have peace of mind by always remembering to carry a raincoat with you while you commute. Either it should be left in the car or in your travel bag incase of sudden rainfall.

Hooded Raincoat H&M

The Cardigan

A cardigan can be really beneficial in the evening. Cooler temperatures are known to catch many people off guard in the spring months, which can lead one to become sick if they are not wearing the proper attire for the temperature. Why not wear a cardigan instead of a hoodie or or sweatshirt? The buttons on a cardigan is what makes this garment great. Just leave it open if the temperature is warm then button it up when the temperature drops.

Knit Cardigan H&M

Denim Jeans

Denim jeans are great for spring. But especially when the weather can turn unexpectedly. A light drizzle of rain can definitely leave your leggings or track pants soggy, but denim on the other hand can withstand a little bit of water. Just make sure to not to be outside in a full rainstorm, or those denim jeans can get really uncomfortable.

Mom High Ankle Jeans H&M

Cowboy Boots

These boots can really bring out your style in the spring moths. You can optimally pair cowboy boots with denim jeans and a raincoat. In contrast leather ankle boots would not be as ideal. As much of the splash from puddles will end up on your socks. Running shoes should be worn late in spring when the ground is less prone to being damp.

Suede Ankle Boots H&M


Similar to having a raincoat but much more practical, a windbreaker can be a useful and stylish assent to have in your spring wardrobe. Opt to choose a windbreaker that features a zipper and be be easily packable. Wear this outerwear comfortably with denim jeans or leggings.

Windbreaker H&M

This is a list of a few items that are great for any woman’s spring wardrobe. Please leave a comment and let us know what your favourite spin garments are.


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