Women’s Must Have Essential Spring Wardrobe Pieces That Are Comfortable And Stylish

Standing out in this ultra competitive world of fashion is a difficult task in itself. Women are bombarded with advertisement after advertisement of “must have products” on a near hourly basis. This is due to our digital media landscape. Some call it a blessing and a curse at the same time.

On one hand you get useful style tips and the latest in fashion news and on the other your days of avoiding anything associated with fashion. Due to your new clothes shopping syndrome you tend to give yourself some time until you dive head first into the fashion scene. Most of these “must have” wardrobe items promoted to women are false. 

Linen Blouse H&M

Do you really need a $80 pair of house slippers? Or a Bohemian style blouse made of sustainable fibres because you now look the part of an environmental activist? Or that new distressed denim jeans from a large brand name because they said so? Of course not!

Skinny Regular Ankle Jeans H&M

But the way of marketing fashion is to make you believe that if you do not own a piece of so called “must have” garments, then you can not consider yourself to be a part of best dressed, fashionista, a stye guide, or whatever name we give to those in the know about what one supposedly must wear.

Tie Belt Dress H&M

Let’s talk a bit about the essentials that any woman must should have in their closet. This is not an exhaustive list because everyone has a different taste in their style. This list is intended to help anyone who is confused with the constant bombardment of advertisements promoting products that are not really must haves but luxury items that are nice but not necessary to keep ahead of the fashion scene.


Denim Jeans

You actually need a pair of denim jeans. No not an expensive name brand, because who said those are really the best for you? But a proper fitting pair of denim jeans can really go a long way in boosting your profile for style on almost any occasion. The key is to make sure you find one that fits you comfortably and that looks stylish to your taste at the same time. You actually do not need to own a pair of skinny jeans if you don’t want to!

High Ankle Mom Jeans H&M

Matte Black Leggings

Let’s see…leggings that are matte black. This garment has become the go to, all around, number one piece in an entire generation of women. Varying from young to old, the versatility of matte black leggings are cemented in the fashion world.

Black Leggings H&M

You can dress it up or dress down, it is really up to you. Going out for a dinner? Ok pair the leggings with heels. Going to school, ok pair the matte black leggings with clean running shoes. You really can’t go wrong with this piece.


Zip-Up Hoodie

A plain zip-up hoodie to be exact. The preference of colour is really up to you, can be light or dark. The main point to understand is that of the type of setting you will be in. Most times a zip-up hoodie is appropriate, but obviously not in a formal attire office place. Zip-up hoodies are great because it can keep you warm when the weather unexpectedly changes to cooler temperatures while outside.

Zip-up Hoodie H&M

White Cotton Blouse

You might ask yourself why would I need this. The main reason to own this garment is the simple fact that you may need to dress up in circumstances where you do not know what would be suitable to wear. A white cotton blouse is perfect for these type of situations, leaving others with the impression that you value their time and make a concerted effort to dress your best even though there was no specific mention of the the of clothes to wear. You can also dress down with this garment as well.

Cotton Blouse H&M


Light Brown Flats

Just perfect for almost any type of setting. The light brown flats would be good with any style, mainly with darker clothes. The contrast is what really sets the light brown flats above any other type of shoes. With dark coloured flats, you are projecting a more formal look. To avoid this look you can always switch to the light brown flats. Which ultimately make the light brown flats the go to choice.

Flats H&M

A Black Pair of Boots

Any style of boots would be good with the emphasis on being comfortable. You can really wear boots with any style of clothes you choose to wear, especially with the pants and shirts in this list. Going out for a dinner ok sure, black leggings, a white blouse, and black knee high leather boots. This is just one of many examples of they type of styles you can wear with black boots.

Knee High Boots H&M

A lack of understanding the tactics used by marketers in the fashion industry is what drives many to assume they a not in the know or left behind on the must have fashion trends and garments. But the reality is that many are versatile and will usually create a good look with a few pieces that are versatile in any situation.

Let us know what you would consider an essential wardrobe piece to have.


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