Your Green Guide: How Men Can Wear The Colour Green In Their Summer Outfits

Keep your fashion as close as possible to looking like the weather especially during the summer months. The bright colours and warm temperatures should be a big motivator in helping you choose your style for the day. Of course the colour green is synonymous with nature; But who said that men can not embrace this colour in a more creative way?

There are so many different ways how a man can incorporate the colour green into their summer outfit. From t-shirts to pants, the possibilities are endless. In this article we will discuss some popular green pieces that men can wear in the summer season. Also, we will share some great summer style tips, ok let’s take a look.

Green Chinos

Keep you pants looking fresh by wearing greed chinos. A bit tricky to style with, these pants are great for a lunch date or just heading to the mall for some shopping. Pair with your favourite loafers and a white polo shirt for a complete look.

Green Chinos H&M

Green T-Shirt

A particular favourite amongst the hipster fashion scene, a green t-shirt can be paired with denim jeans or denim shorts. Wear a solid white or black running shoes as footwear.

Green T-Shirt H&M

Green Dress Shirt

A not so common colour for an oxford shirt is green. But you can embrace this colour and show your creativity at the workplace by complimenting your oxford shirt with a light grey dress pants and a pair of black dress shoes for footwear.

Green Oxford Shirt H&M

Green Shorts

There are numerous ways how men can wear green shorts in the summer. One of the most stylish and easiest ways is to either wear a sleeveless shirt or you can easily wear a short sleeve denim shirt also. Wear leather sandals as your preferred footwear.

Sweat Shorts H&M

Green Cargo Pants

When wearing cargo pants in the summer the best footwear to have on will be running shoes. If you want to wear a slightly dark shirt, opt to wear a pair or white running shoes. Black running shoes should be worn with cargo pants in the evening, as this is the best time to wear a light colour shirt paired with cargo pants.

Cotton Cargo Pants H&M

This is definitely not an exhaustive list but yo get the point. Not only is green a cool colour but when worn correctly, your outfit will benefit. 

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