Your Outdoor Festival Fashion Guide For Women And Men (Spring/Sumer)

It’s about that time of the year, when music is blasting from loud speaker and weekly festivals are happening. Music festivals, art festivals, bar festivals, outdoor music concerts, and neighbourhood street festivals is what we are talking about. Many fashion forward people tend to forget their fashion knowledge and just throw on any outfit when attending such festivals. This is a mistake, one that should not be repeated this festival season.

Men tend to wear the same sets of clothes such as joggers and a t-shirt or shorts and a plain t-shirt. And women will usually show up in either leggings and a tank top or denim jeans with flip flops. At coatFibers we advocate our readers to use their creativity to make their own style while using our articles as a pool of fashion and style knowledge. With saying that, we created this guide to open your mind to some styles you can wear to any upcoming festivals.


Spring Festival

The weather is not hot but with the temperature at a comfortable level, lighter material garments can be worn. Since the temperature can drop dramatically in the evening, layering is important incase you get too cold as the night approaches. One look you can go for is that of denim jeans, leather black ankle boots, with a cotton shirt under a cardigan.

Mom High Ankle Jeans H&M

Another spring festival look, if you are going for sporty is athleisure. You can wear a track suit, but this will do nothing if you want your style to stand out.

Summer Festival

Summer is definitely the time when the shorts come out. Why not wear those shorts with a basic t-shirt, suede ankle boots, and bohemian accessories. Or you can opt for a hippie type of dress with leather sandals. This look will be well suited for any arts type of festival of a positive vibes music concert. Wearing running shoes should only be reserved for the neighbourhood street festivals, where there will be plenty of walking.

Dress With Tie Belt H&M


Spring Festival

You could wear a windbreaker paired with some cool solid colour running shoes. But this is really not using your creativity, especially sine you are a fashion forward man. Take your knowledge and mix it up a bit. Try out casual boots, with black jeans, and a denim button down shirt. This look is great because the temperature is not quite hot yet and your look just says you know style.

Oxford Shirt H&M

Another look you can try is to wear chinos paired with a a running jacket and and casual boots. The touch of athleisure in the jacket is perfect in sparking intrigue in your look.

Summer Festival

This is the perfect time to take out your favourite pair of running shoes, but only if you will not be walking around in field. A graphic t-shirt with a distressed acid wash jeans is the perfect street festival look. Not only will your acid wash jeans be less likely to get dirt on them but the nature of a street festival means a lot of walking and people watching, so your cool look is surely to get noticed.

Skinny Acid Wash Jeans H&M

Shorts should rarely be worn to any festival unless you are going to be near a beach. Remember this is just a suggestion, use your creativity.

Please let us know what style you wear to festivals in the spring and summer months.


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