Your Scandinavian Winter Fashion Guide For Men To Dress Stylish

When it comes to the region of Northern Europe called Scandinavia, there is nothing more famous than Ikea and their fashion scene. People around the word admire the way at how the locals take basic garments that are not right in colour and turn them into an incredible outfit, with minimalism being its core concept.

Because of its cold climate, Scandinavia is the best place to get inspiration on winter fashion and what can be achieved with minimalist fashion. In this article we will discuss some outfit ideas and concepts that men can utilize when it comes to their own winter fashion. We will also discuss some tips to remember with Scandinavian winter fashion. Let’s take a look.


Scandinavian men tend to only wear black jackets in the winter, which is only seen amongst the younger crowd. A hooded parka can be worn as part of a laid back winter weekend outfit. Denim jeans and joggers are about the only pants you will see being worn with a parka. Footwear would an all black pair of running shoes.

Hooded Parka H&M


When it comes to coats, Scandinavian men tend to opt for long wool coats. Colours such as light grey, beige, black, and dark green are popular amongst the local men. In addition to wearing a long wool coat in the winter months, you will mostly see black jeans or wool pants paired with this outerwear. Footwear is normally kept stylish as such, Chelsea boots are popular to wear all winter long.

Light Grey Wool Blend Coat H&M


A classic Scandinavian top that men like to wear in the winter months are a dark button down shirt or a black turtleneck. Beige cashmere sweaters and wool cardigans are also popular choices for men to wear in the winter.

Wool Blend Turtleneck H&M


In Scandinavia, accessories can be seen on almost every man in the winter months. While this is more for a practical reason than that of fashion, the sentiment amongst the local population is that accessories should be worn at all times. You will always see someone with either a black or dark grey scarf wrapped around their neck. Hats are not that popular to wear.

Black Cashmere Scarf H&M


Black jeans, denim jeans, and beige chinos are the most popular type of pants the men in Scandinavia wear in the winter months. Loose fitting pants styles are unpopular and will not be seen in Scandinavia, even in other seasons.

Black Slim Selvedge Jeans H&M


Boots are the most popular type of footwear that will be seen amongst Scandinavian men in the winter months. While black leather combat boots and Chelsea boots are the most popular types, you will often have some men wear an all black pair of running shoes if it is not snowing.

Chelsea Boots H&M

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