A Women’s Vintage Fashion Guide For Spring/Summer

You have called almost everyone you know, asking if they have any type of second hand wear you can have. They tell you “No” because it was just not appropriate to keep those pieces around until recently. Ok maybe you head over to the thrift store to try and acquire that vintage pair or jeans and vintage boots. Not a chance either. But why?

Only if you have been living under a rock over the past year or so, would you fail to realize that vintage fashion is big business. Everyone, from young to old are all trying to cash in on this booming business. The jeans and boots that you wanted from the thrift store were immediately bought within 30 minutes of being put on the shelf. For a good price I might add too. 

Vintage High Shorts H&M

Let’s look at some ways how you can actually participate in this vintage fashion craze and how you can come out looking good. With a little change to spare for yourself too.

Acquiring Vintage Fashion (Used)

So we have talked a bit about how the second hand vintage fashion industry works, but let’s get into more detail on how You can get your hands on some pieces. The secret is out about the type of profits that can be made by scouring thrift stores for anything vintage, mostly clothes, and the strategy behind it. 

How it Works?

These vintage fashion “experts” will usually visit a thrift store at east 5 times per week, checking to see if they can find undervalued clothes. Tho most popular being jackets, boots, and jeans. One example would be a vintage trucker jacket. This jacket can easily be sold online for over $100 even though at the thrift store the price tag is usually under $30 = $70 profit.

Another part of the second hand business is trade pieces instead of out right buying them. The main advantage being that you are able to wear various types of vintage fashion pieces for through out the year at no cost to anyone. This is beneficial to anyone who wants to save up some money before they decide to start buying from the thrift store.

Vintage High Shorts H&M

Acquiring Vintage Fashion (New)

If wearing vintage fashion has a nostalgic feeling for you, I wouldn’t think new vintage fashion will be beneficial. The reason for this is because you will not get the original feel of the unique textures. New vintage fashion is a mix of old stye tailoring and various techniques to deliberately have a more worn in look.

Vintage Slim High Ankle Jeans H&M

Another facet on new vintage fashion is the price tag. It is no secret that the major clothing brands and fashion designers are coming out with various vintage fashion pieces. A comparison would be a vintage denim pants. In a thrift store one would pay $40 at most while in a name brand store such as GAP that price can exceed $80 or more.

Vintage High Ankle Jeans H&M

Be prepared to pay more money for new vintage fashion than for used pieces!

Please let us know if you own any vintage fashion pieces and also if you have participated in the used vintage fashion business scene.


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